FutureLab Europe is a unique program that gathers young professionals from a variety of spheres across Europe with a common interest – improving Europe’s future. I would like to congratulate the founding members of the European Alliance for Democratic Citizenship for establishing this important and practical program. It was indeed practical, because the program combined theory we had had before with new knowledge and practice in planning a course for the future of Europe.

At one table, the participants had the honour of sitting with decision-makers such as European Commissioners and other high officials from EU institutions to discuss how to solve problems regarding the future of Europe. I would like to give two pieces of advice to future participants in FutureLab Europe: After participation in this program you will be not the same. If you want to contribute to the improvement of the future of Europe, you will have every opportunity. In addition, be sure to be an active citizen of the EU. We can only change Europe if we are united in bringing about that change.

― Georgi Michev