Futurelab Europe gathers young people that are committed to the values of democracy, human rights, peace and social responsibility – the values that underpin the EU project. Futurelab participants have successfully implemented projects funded by the leading European foundations in their own countries and this programme gives them opportunity to contribute to the common European discourse about the ongoing issues at stake. Various cultural and professional background of participants makes this discussion even more diverse and fruitful. Lively debates and discussions combine interaction with the top EU politicians, as well as on-spot information from the countries of the Futurelab participants. This interesting angle of Futurelab brings together a wide range of topics, covering but not limited to the political participation of ethnic minorities in Finland,  challenges the European youth faces, European citizens’ initiative, prospects of the EU enlargement, formulating the future scenarios and plans… Overall, Futurelab contributes to the European thinking by strengthening international ties,opening up broader horizons of thinking and encouraging youth civic activism.

― Ia Melkadze