To a large extent, I believe in the European Union and in FutureLab Europe for the same reasons; both these initiatives have had the courage to gather unconventional partners around the table for a project that has great ambitions and even greater trust in its participants to define the means and the outcome. Both took the first step without knowing what the last would be. Both initiatives reach further than their practical necessity, insist to rise above and beyond the ‘never again’ and set about questioning and reshaping nearly every single law of politics, economics and society. Both select their participants on their willingness to commit for a long term, intense involvement, and in the belief that bright dedication can go a long way in changing our daily realities. And for both, the ultimate prize won’t be a page in history, or a seat at a table of power, but the cultivation of a solid European and global perspective to a truly engaged kind of citizenship.

― Marian Cramers